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Selected Works

After Audre: 
Re/Visit with The Woman Who Made Me (2018/2020)

To the little girl who grew up
To be invincible in a world
That deems her invisible.
To the toddler who once leveled 
With stones who will soon look
Beyond the horizon as she reaches
Towards the sky.

​To the tween who stepped into her fierceness
While acknowledging her fears.
To the once little girl
Who broke through other’s truths to 
discover her own destiny.

​To the one who discovered her prowess 
Before she sought her wealth.
To the one who, with ambition,
Wears awkward as an award.​

For those of us:
May we continue to persists beyond others’
and harmful intention.
For all of us:
May we greet her with conviction.
May we only open doors for her that 
Will lead her on the path…
Following a journey 
Filled with glee, prosperity, pleasures, victories, 
beauty and peace.

Non/sense (2018)​

Is it ever possible to connect the dots to all the
faults that interrupt our journeys?
Those hurdles that became defaults.
A disconnect to (the) cause of recklessness:
What is deemed to be true.
To cast blame, a caste of shame.
An urge to abandon responsibility.
Shall we ever be brave to acknowledge our role;
One with amusement
Yet sensed in the demise​

Published in Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Vol. 14, Issue 3 Black Currant