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Welcome to CoCo’s Culture Corner!

Dear Readers:

For many years, probably since my emergence into the world, I’ve been very vocal about the world at large. However, my perspective has only been shared within reach of those around me: the few, the brave, the already enlightened friends and family who are closest to me. I have an opinion on everything. From fashion to food to film, I ignite intriguing conversation but only a handful of people get to experience it. Hence the purpose of this blog.
I decided to name this blog “CoCo’s Culture Corner” to give me a spot to voice opinions and share information on a range of topics. I will talk about fun stuff and topics that others attempt to avoid. I will share knowledge on my favorite things and even include tidbits on things I detests. All in all, I hope to remind the masses that “culture” is many things. Its more than highbrow art. Its beyond the tabloids. It surpasses dinner dialogue shared among friends.
I’m in this world for a reason. Though young, I’m blessed to have had the varied opportunities thus far throughout my journey on this earth. So, I thought to share that insight with others. While I’m not a politician looking to influence people nor a teacher, I hope that this blog will offer various ways of looking at society as a whole. I hope to make you laugh. I hope to make you cry. But most importantly, I hope to make you think.
On that note, I’d like to leave everyone with the sentiment of one of my favorite songs. Sometimes, it does only just takes one person. Why not it start with me 🙂
***Warning on the link: grab tons of tissues and be prepared for tears. Its a heartfelt moment from one of my favorite television shows, “The Muppet Show.”

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